as the night sets
the cold becomes warm
dwell in the leaves

only a stretch away
lies a path of unconsciousness

the mere existence scares
no need to worry
the snow will set

four months passed
the trees blossom again

after recent more club-oriented releases on CRTTR, the five-hour album “trevosas”, which marks the first collaboration between HAUSVRAU & RTK, focuses on a more conceptual approach to electronic music. created in a short amount of time, the minimalism of their joint work invites listeners to zone out, zoom in and stretch out. the eerie sounds contained within reverberate through the full body if listened to at high volume. dark drones get washed away by high-pitched screeches and gentle sounds of nature. waves of noise pull you into their dark universe as you delve deeper and deeper into this trip.

all the proceeds of this album will be donated to the Ghassan Abu Sittah children’s fund (


composed and recorded by HAUSVRAU & RTK
mastered by tobias lanz
artwork by HAUSVRAU & RTK