You wouldn’t hear it coming – slow, low frequencies at first. What do you register about that sound, coming closer in shivering circles? As you notice a higher frequency droning in, are you staying alarmingly calm, waiting for what may happen? But there is no such thing as a moment of something happening and if there was, you’d only notice when it’s passed – you are right in it already, involved in an evolving soundscape wavering into the space.
It’s an experience of a space through sound, packaged into a cassette and its case – being able to re-expand into any space it’s played in, any room it’s given to fill. Fulfilling no expected setting of musicality, but rather letting sound exist and through this, create a spatial sensation behind closed eyes, ears open into the disillusioned mind. Knowing, what is registered here, is the mere space inside the pipes of an organ – not played conventionally, but rather brought into vibration through registration, through literally pressuring the keyboard. Sounding out the physical space, materiality and therewith possibilities, of the organ.
When listened to it properly, accordingly to the instructions on the tape, the surrounding sound draws circles around you, towards you – just as the cassette can be handed over to a friend, passing around an ambiance of spatiality. The Bern-based collective acting as label and platform for music and visual art, releases this first cassette, in a limited edition of 50 pieces. The release is available on bandcamp too.

This album is mixed transaurally, listen on stereo loudspeakers to fully experience this effect.

Text: Julie von Wegen

Composed and played by Tobias Lanz
Recorded by Tobias Lanz & Robin Lutolf, 2020
Mixed and mastered by Tobias Lanz
Artwork by Simon Lanz
Cover Photo by Samuel Rauber