"Emit & Transform" is the new album by Timon Kurz's project "Source Of Radiating Noise". The album is based on a single stereo recording directly onto tape. The captured instruments, spaces, and sounds were assembled into a work comprising five pieces. Organic, immersive, evolving textures, drones, and purely acoustic sounds can be heard. It is in the line between music, soundscapes, and listening pieces. The compositions and auditory narratives aim to invite listeners to lose themselves in them, to sink into their thoughts, or simply to dwell in the moment.

The compositions of „SORN“ explore, in the broadest sense, the manipulation of acoustic sounds and real spaces to give them an electronic character while preserving the organic essence of acoustic recordings and real spaces. He is interested in the narrow path between these two worlds and plays with the tipping between these areas. In the creation and composition of "Emit & Transform," almost no conventional effects were used; instead, relatively simple processing methods were employed. The various techniques draw inspiration from the practices of early, experimental, and electronic music but are reinterpreted in a contemporary working environment.


released February 16, 2024

Composed and played
by Timon Kurz, 2022

Recorded and mixed
by Timon Kurz, 2022

by Benoît Piccand

Cover photo


CRTTR, 2024