for a second time, crttrs and friends have gathered to share their various noisy visions in a cute compilation.
certain crttrs have spun a web of twisted bass lines to keep their snares and kicks in place, while others have dug through the ground to recycle old, forgotten fragments.
still others have formulated spoken words, while the nostalgic ones chirped their sweet melodies.
many things happened.
synthesized and divided.
each for itself, all together.
a moist, humid compost has emerged.
a nutrient soil and fuel to your imagination and dreams.

we wanna be superstars!
we might never be the ones that shine brightly in the sky…
but who cares?
the future lies in your local, rotting compost heap, anyway <33

Mastering by Rea Dubach at centraldubs Bern
Artwork by Jost Zeindler
Supported by Kultur Stadt Bern